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Have employment leads? Looking to hire? If you have any leads or contacts that might help any of the following refugees who are currently resettling, please contact Gene Tozzi, at, Employment Committee Chair, Interfaith Council for New Americans in Westchester, Hearts and Homes for Refugees. Print here.


Retail Sector

H.S. brings retail experience. He was a managing partner in a retail grocery store and later started his own retail stationery business. He also taught English to high schoolers in Kabul and was manager of a work team for a translation services firm. He had early experience as an administrative assistant in a real estate office. He would be open to a retail or office position. He would need something within a reasonable bus ride from downtown Yonkers.


Auto Repair

R.H. has many years’ experience as an auto mechanic in a province outside Kabul, Afghanistan. He is just learning English, so we are looking for a small repair shop owner who might be willing to give him a start working with his hands while he is learning the language. He would need something within a reasonable bus ride from downtown Yonkers.


Hospitality/hotel/restaurant industry in NYC

L.J. is from Gambia and lives in the Bronx. He has been in the US four years working for Whole Foods. However, he has 28 years’ experience as the manager of a 4-star resort in his home country.  He has a certificate in Hotel Hospitality and Human Resources from the Hilton Hotel organization. He would like to get back into the hotel business or possibly a restaurant in a front-end position, most likely in Manhattan.


Companies with Logistics/Supply Chain departments

F.G. was logistics director and senior staff member of a Kabul firm with $20MM net sales that supplied a wide variety of goods and support services to US companies doing business in Afghanistan.  He personally managed a department with 20 staff and a $500K budget. He is a “can do” guy who specialized in overcoming obstacles to get supplies to customers when and where they were needed in a very challenging environment.  He lives in the White Plains area.


Parks/Nurseries/Gardens (or IT or administrative)

R.M. served as an interpreter for the U.S. Government and holds a degree in Agriculture. His ideal position would be related to the fields of Agriculture, Forestry, or Natural Resources. He also has a certificate in Information & Technology, and his work experience includes project management and monitoring & evaluation. His primary goal is to find a position that will enable him to quickly become self-sufficient and he is open to working in any field. He lives in the White Plains area.



One of the women who arrived a few years ago in Westchester is interested in applying her considerable sewing skills to a job. She has transportation, so locations anywhere in Westchester could be considered. If you or someone you know is looking for assistance with alterations or other sewing, please send an email to

as of 2.14.2022

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