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Refugee Shabbat 2023 will take place on February 3 and 4. The fastest-growing European refugee crisis since World War II is still ongoing. People seeking asylum are being turned away at borders around the world. Held annually, Refugee Shabbat is an educational opportunity for congregations, organizations, and individuals to learn more and reaffirm our commitment to current immigration issues in the United States and around the world and dedicate a Shabbat experience to refugees and asylum seekers. WJCI is proud to be a HIAS regional co-sponsor of Refugee Shabbat.


And this year, for the first time ever, the total number of displaced persons globally is over 100 million. This is a critical moment for all of us to reaffirm and redouble our support for refugees and asylum seekers. Learn more about how you, your organization or your congregation can participate and sign up here.

WJCI offers a speakers' bureau covering a wealth of refugee and asylee experiences. We can help you build support and understanding for the stranger through Refugee Shabbat powered by HIAS. With more than 80 million people worldwide who have fled their homes due to persecution and violence, we are now witnesses to one of the most significant humanitarian crises in human history. Join synagogues throughout Westchester, the country and the world for this remarkable experience and reaffirm our commitment to welcoming refugees and asylum seekers. Learn more about Refugee Shabbat 2023 here.


Refugee Shabbat
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