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Here are local actions you can take to help local immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

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New Neighbors Partnership matches newly arrived refugee families with local families who have slightly older kids and can regularly pass along clothing hand-me-downs. In the last two years, we've served over 300 kids in New York City from 32 countries with $150,000 worth of clothing! We're looking for local donor families with kids of all ages —especially kids who wear clothing sizes 10-16 — to pass clothes on to a newly-arrived refugee family. You can learn more and sign up here, purchase emergency items for new families here, and or reach out to with any questions. 


Hundreds of volunteers donated, sorted, and packed thousands of supplies taken directly to Joint Base McGuire–Dix–Lakehurst.  

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UJA JCC Greenwich has 4 Afghan families here, and it is getting VERY busy! Here are their immediate needs:


1. Televisions. It doesn't seem like a necessity when resettlement groups are sourcing linens and food. Yet, in the U.S., every home has a television. It is a way to connect, and begin to immerse ourselves in our culture. JCC is asking for donations or new flat screen TV's. Nothing fancy- as the families have basic cable in each home for internet connection.


2. Old Navy/H&M/Target Gift Cards. JCC’s clients are in need of seasonal clothing. We have received a good number of donations, but have few unrestricted in the form of gift cards. This allows our clients to pick things based on their personal taste, size, and comfort level.

 Please email if you can provide these items.

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