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Afghan Adjustment Act

An Afghan Adjustment Act

Image by Levi Meir Clancy
Why the Need? 

 An Afghan Adjustment would both allow Afghan evacuees who came to the United States under ‘humanitarian parole’ to apply for permanent residency after one year and protect them from losing their jobs or being deported while their applications are pending. Otherwise, Afghans would have to apply for permanent residency as asylum-seekers, a costly procedure that has more than 1 million backlogged cases, offers no guarantee and will not protect them against job loss or deportation.

Image by Wanman uthmaniyyah
Why the Urgency? 

Afghans admitted to the U.S. with humanitarian parole, which grants temporary legal U.S. residency for ‘urgent humanitarian reasons,’ have only two years to be approved for permanent residency. Without permanent legal residency, Afghans—who cannot safely return to their country--must leave the U.S. in two years.

Image by Levi Meir Clancy
How Can You Help? 

 You can make a difference in the lives of Afghan refugees who risked their lives and those of their families to aid the U.S. and our allies in the war effort by urging Congress to pass an Afghan Adjustment Act. Call to alert your members of Congress—2 senators and 1 representative—of the urgency of passing this Act. Add your voice to thousands demanding justice for more than 70,000 Afghan men and women who sacrificed their homes and their lives. 

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