• Push out initiatives through your synagogue’s social action committee

  • Book speakers for synagogues including refugees, immigration experts, etc.

  • Show your support for local families by assisting Westchester-based organizations to advocate for their clients such as Community Resource Center

  • Hold multi-faith events at your synagogue

  • Run a social media campaign for an immigration issue you support

  • Execute online petitions, social media campaigns, phone-a-thons, postcard writing events (virtual/in-person), rallies, and marches

  • Conduct educational online and virtual events about issues you support such as Right to Counsel or the Border Crisis

  • Create refugee-friendly/welcoming neighborhoods



express your support by signing.

asking the Biden Administration to act with urgency to welcome refugees (Rabbis, Cantors, Jewish clergy only).

Encourage Your Synagogue to Join WJCI and participate in our Westchester Welcomes Immigrants Campaign

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Because of our experiences as Jews, we are sensitive to immigration issues and immigrants' presence in our communities. The Torah itself is explicit in Exodus, "You shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the feelings of the stranger, having yourselves been strangers in the land of Egypt". 


Here are a few ways Rabbis, Cantors, and congregations can be involved in our work:

  • Attend WJCI's quarterly meetings to talk and learn about current immigration initiatives to help immigrants live better lives. 

  • Speak from the pulpit about immigration issues of utmost importance, tying them into Jewish liturgy on occasions like Refugee Shabbat.

  • Bring refugees, resettlement workers, and Holocaust survivors to speak to congregants. Contact for further information. 

  • Encourage your synagogue's youth and college students to get involved in making our community a more welcoming place.

  • Join Bet Am Shalom, Congregation Kol Ami, Hebrew Institute of White Plains, Shaarei Tikvah of Scarsdale, and Temple Israel Center of White Plains in the Westchester Right to Counsel Coalition to protect immigrants’ right to fair housing.



for community members to discuss ways to help local immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Email for support.

Encourage Your Synagogue to Join WJCI

to join the Westchester Welcome Campaign.

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Westchester Reform Temple by Rabbi Jonathan Blake

Westchester Reform Temple, courtesy of Rabbi Jonathan Blake